Rice Oil???

topic posted Sun, April 24, 2005 - 3:12 AM by  LadyBadger
I just got sweetie a turkey deep-fryer kit for his upcoming b-day @ Sam's Club... he's ecstatic... ::grin::

BUT... the thing/kettle takes 8+ gallons of oil! so I checked frying oils at Sam's Club while I was there... 35-lb. box of peanut oil is $30!! and I would need about 2 of those...

right next to the peanut oil was a pallet of rice oil @ $15 for 35-lb. -- that's half price! plus the verbiage on the box said it has a higher smoke point than peanut oil...

so the question is: has anyone else used rice oil? familiar with it? what's it like tastewise, frying-wise, etc.?

thanks for any info...
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    Never heard of rice oil. I'm skeptical, but perhaps just ignorant.

    Remember that you can reuse the oil a couple of times (it's actually better the second time you use it). So that brings the price down a bit, so to speak.
    • well, I went & did my usual search to see what I could find... ::smile::

      here's the product (and its website) that I saw at Sam's:

      reading the site gave some very interesting stats & info... based on that, I'm definitely inclined to try the rice bran oil...
      • perhaps you should try a small test batch first. it appears rice oil may have a peculiar flavor in certain applications:

        now, off flavors in inexpensive oils are not too uncommon, as sometimes these oils are packaged in milk-jug-style HDPE plastic, which can impart a nasty aroma/flavor. this could be at the root of this particular person's problems.

        however, i've heard similar things from other people i know, and i must say that it makes some sense: the oil is made from the bran, and brown rice (bran, germ, aleurone layers, endosperm) tastes ...for lack of a better word... 'different' than white rice (polished endosperm), so, i propose, it would go to follow that the oil would have a bit of a flavor.

        although the poster says she used it in several applications with poor results, maybe she just didn't find the dishes that rice bran oil would have enhanced. frankly, sometimes an oil's flavor just doesn't work well in a given dish, which is why we all pay attention to which oil we use in the first place, right? well, sort of. there is that whole smoke point matter too...

        * ps: for anyone in this tribe who's never checked out chowhound, i might suggest that it's worth a look - as if anyone here would need yet another forum to track...
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          hey, rice bran oil is the SHIT! super high smoke point, neutral flavor, and overall excellent oil for deep fry and sautee. I love it. I find the "different" flavor to be subtle and agreeable
          • i was actually planning on tracking some down tomorrow. i love brown rice, and i really think the flavor would better complement some stuff i normally make with peanut oil, like wontons, soups, certain dressings, any kind of stir-fry... i'm also looking forward to playing around with it. i especially want to try and use it in some desserts and breads.

            as far as 'different', i'm sorry. i don't like vague words like that to describe flavors, but i couldn't think of a good word for the flavor that makes brown rice taste brown. i didn't want to use the word 'nutty', because people use it for things i don't really think taste nutty, and i don't think that brown rice tastes like a nut. (nut-like flavor characteristics, whatever) however, in foodie-speak or something, brown rice is described as 'nutty', so i'd imagine rice oil would be similarly 'nutty'.
            • Rainbow grocery is now selling rice bran oil in bulk. It can also be found at many different asian grocers - I've found it on sale at Kukje several times.
  • Rice bran oil is one of the best oils for frying. It's not only inexpensive but it's also has a very high smoking point, lovely flavor, and all sorts of health benefits claims.
    • I finally found some at the retail level -- at Whole Foods in Tustin, CA! this is the brand:

      I tried Gelson's and Wholesome Foods in Irvine, Henry's Market and Bristol Farms in Mission Viejo, Mother's Market in Laguna Hills, not to mention Vons/Pavilions, Ralph's, Stater Bros., and Albertsons -- none of which carried the oil... sheesh!

      all I wanted was a small bottle so I could taste & cook test the oil... it's nice, light, with a faint nuttiness... sauteed my onions just fine...

      now to plan for frying the turkey! LOL! Sam's Club carries the rice [bran] oil in 35-lb. jugs for just over $12 each...

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