Bacon, when does it go bad?

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So how long does bacon last once it's open? It's in a ziplock the fridge. Or once it's cooked and covered with plastic wrap in the fridge.
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    really smelly, overly slimey and perhaps a touch of green in extreme cases
    • I use to not know if mine was still good or not, so to stop the worry I now feeze mine. I separate it into serving sizes in little zipploc bags and it only takes 30 minutes to thaw. This seems to work really well, esp since I only use a litle at a time in cooking. This is for raw bacon that is.
      • <I separate it into serving sizes in little zipploc bags and it only takes 30 minutes to thaw>

        i do the same, bacon never goes bad this way. when i buy a package, i take all the bacon out, and fold a piece of parchment paper (waxed paper works too) into a zig-zaggy accordion type thing. two slices of bacon between each fold. just take it out of the freezer and go directly to the skillet.

        before i knew about this, i had bacon go bad once. it takes a while and you will know. beleive me, you will know.

        bacon is a method of preserving meat, between salt curing, smoking, and, usually, the added nitrates, it will keep longer than most things.
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        Freezing bacon, thats a good idea. I just moved into my own place so I have been overestimating how much food I need. Seems that I always have leftovers - not that I am complaining, I love leftovers! Hopefully the bacon will last till the weekend when I make french toast to use up all the extra eggs and milk I have :D
        • I'd say you shouldn't have a problem keeping it for a week once it has been opened or cooked.

          Bacon takes a while to go bad, it's not like raw chicken or ground beef where you only have a couple of days to use it up.
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          I had a package of bacon (sealed in a zippie) in the fridge for at least a month, and made many a Sunday morning breakfast of it, never went bad.
          In general, open the zippie and smell it. If it still smells like smokybacony goodness, it's good. If it smells like anything else, pitch it. It is cured meat after all, it will keep MUCH longer than fresh meat.
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    my butcher said to keep bacon on a dish, loosely covered in a bit of plastic. the meat, he explains, needs to breathe, and in this state, it can last up to one week. never ziplock meat in the fridge. (i'm not sure if his is dry-cured or what the difference is)

    that said, if you're not planning on using the bacon in a few days, it's best to freeze the bacon for later use.

    best of luck! isn't it sad when good bacon goes bad???

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